Uncover Insights With New Filtering Options For Reports


We’ve added new filtering updates to Base Reports so you can now slice and dice your data in more ways than ever before. The new updates include:

Multi-select: You can now multi select fields so you can view several values from a given field.
Dimmed Fields: Irrelevant fields are now dimmed. No more clicking on a filter to realize it has no effect on the data.
Ownership Filter: We’re introducing a new Ownership filter that is available for all reports so you can filter by User, Team or Group.
Deal Source: The Funnel Report now includes a Deal Source filter so you can see how your sales funnel changes based on the source of the Deal.
Goal Filtering: The Sales Goals Report can now be filtered by Team, Group or Owner so you can get a closer look at who’s hitting their goals.

We hope you find these new filters useful. Head over to the Base reports and give them a try today. Happy Selling!

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