New Feature: Email has Arrived!

We have heard your requests and today we are proud to announce the release of email integration in Base! The concept is simple, the benefits are huge; what are you waiting for?

The things you can do with the new email feature:

  • Connect your Gmail/Google Apps/Hotmail/Yahoo/iCloud email
  • Send batch emails from Contacts page
  • See if your emails were opened, and if they were, the time and date they were opened

Getting Started

To set up your email account in Base, just go to the settings page and click on Email or click here (you might have to login first). Enter your email and password, and you will be able to send emails to your contacts from a contact card or from the main contact list.

Batch Emails

Do you have something you need to tell a lot of people? You can send a batch email to your contacts with just a few clicks. Never write the same email twice.

Are your emails getting opened?

When you send emails from Base it is not only convenient; you get to see if your emails are opened. After you send an email, look at the recipient’s contact card. You will see the subject of the email you sent along with it’s status. If your email is opened the time and date will be displayed.

We would like to thank all of our users for their great ideas and feedback. Let us know what you think about the new email integration, and keep checking back for new feature announcements!



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