New Feature: Filter Drop-down Custom Fields

A few weeks ago I blogged about some of our latest filtering and sorting updates in Base. This week, we’re following up with a new product update: filtering by custom drop-down fields. This means you can now filter your Leads, Contacts and Deals using the custom drop-downs that you create in your Base account.

To make a custom field filterable, just go to your settings and open the custom field options. Select the fields you want to filter by. Then, open your Leads, Contacts or Deals to see the new filtering options on the right hand side of your screen.

Improved Sorting

You’ve been able to sort your Leads, Contacts and Deals for some time now, but you weren’t able to see the values that were being used for sorting. We’ve improved the experience so that whenever you’re sorting,you can see the values you are sorting by. This is particularly helpful when sorting by Last Activity Date. You can easily see the last time a Lead, Contact or Deal card was updated. Check out the screenshot below to see the improved sorting in action.

sorting by last activity in Base

Additional Address Support

Many of our customers use Custom Address Fields to track multiple addresses for a single Contact – say business and home. We’ve updated Address Filtering for Contacts so that both Custom Addresses and Default Addresses are recognized when filtering. This means, the contact pictured below will appear when you filter by the zip code 60035 and 60601. Previously, you’d only be able to see the contact below when filtering for the zip code 60035.
filtering by address in Base

We hope these new filtering features will make your life even easier! Please don’t forget to subscribe to the Baseline blog to stay up to date on the latest releases.

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