New Communication Smart List Keeps You In Touch With Prospects and Customers

My Communication Smart List

When you get busy, things fall through the cracks. And if you’re using a traditional email client, it’s not easy to figure out who you’re losing touch with. The communication smart list in Base makes it easy to keep tabs on all your communication and never miss a follow up. The communication smart list is a powerful new smart list that tracks all your communication automatically.

Whether you’re trying to stay in contact with leads, contacts, or deals – your communication smart list and the new smart list columns show you how long you’ve been waiting for a response, who you haven’t responded to yet and last outgoing email to a lead or contact.

Add communication power to existing smart lists

Individual communication stats can also be added to any smart list, opening up thousands of opportunities. Say you have a smart list where you’re tracking the top deals in your pipeline, add the “Days awaiting your response” column and immediately see who you’re losing touch with in a single view.

Maybe you’re running an outbound campaign, see which leads have viewed your email and which are ignoring you when you add the “views of last email” column.

Today is the last day you let prospects fall through the cracks. Start using the Base communication smart list and never miss a follow up again.

How to access the communication smart list

1. In Leads, Contacts or Deals, navigate to the smart list view
2. Click on the smart list name and select My Communication
3. Use filters to refine your data

We hope you enjoy the new smart list and communication columns. If you have questions or suggestions, let us know by replying to your beta invite email. Thanks!

New to smart lists? Learn more here.

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