Introducing Better Navigation, Smart List Syncing & More with the Base Mobile Update

We’ve heard your feedback and are excited today to announce some new updates to both our iOS and Android mobile applications! Some of the highlights include:

– A clean and updated UI
– Improved navigation – access Leads, Contacts and Deals from the bottom menu
– New Today view – an improved dashboard
– Lists fully sync from web to mobile
– Ability to add new Lists from mobile
– Working Center gives you insights before deciding where to focus

Let’s walk through some of the key updates.

A new dashboard – Today!

The dashboard has been improved and renamed “Today.” This gives you a quick view into what’s important for you to focus on. It starts with a view into your reporting along with a link to view more detailed reports.

We have also added quick links to common items that you need to get your job done. Now you can quickly navigate to your Tasks List, Calendar or Communication center all from the Today view.

The activity feed is still here but under the “Activity” toggle bar at the top. So if you need to dive into the full activity feed it’s just a tap away.

Finally, we’ve included a new add button at the top right. Here you can quickly add any object (Leads, Appointments, Tasks, etc.) to your Base account.


An updated navigation

You can easily move between your Today view, Leads, Contacts, Deals and Search from our global navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. This gives you access to navigate the key areas of Base from any screen within the app!

A brand new Working Center

Within Leads, Contacts or Deals there is a new view called the “Working Center.” This gives you access to all of your Lists in Base. Lists are always kept in sync so that any filters applied to the List will fully sync from web to mobile and vice versa. You can view key details, like Deal value for example, about any List you have created from the main Working Center view.

There are two kinds of Lists: Working Lists and Smart Lists

A Working List contains all of your Leads, Contacts and Deals. After adding fields and applying filters to your Working Lists, you can save them as Smart Lists for easy access in the future. Smart Lists give you a great way to have a focused view of your data so you can target your prospects better. Once you save a List it will be available in the Web application as well.


If you aren’t using our mobile app yet, head on over to the App Store and download it now. To learn more about Base mobile, Android users should go here, and iOS users can visit here. Have a question about this update? Let us know in the comments below!

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Lindsey Bly

Lindsey Bly

April 27, 2017

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