Multiple Sales Pipelines Now Available

Today we’re excited to announce the release of one of our all-time most requested features, Multiple Sales Pipelines. This release will allow Enterprise customers to create an unlimited number of sales pipelines, complete with reporting and permissions. Businesses with multiple sales processes no longer need to adopt a one size fits all mentality. New sales pipelines can be added by admins from the deal settings by clicking on add pipeline. Take a look below to see everything that’s new.

Pipeline Reporting

In the past, some Base users went as far as creating multiple Base accounts to track multiple business processes. This made cross-pipeline reporting virtually impossible – that ends today. Customers who have multiple sales pipelines enabled will be able to toggle between reports for each pipeline. When reporting at the rep level, you’ll be able to report across multiple pipelines. This means if you’re using different pipelines based on the product being sold, you can aggregate sales results across all pipelines to calculate sales goal progress. No matter what you’re trying to report on, remember that you can always select the pipeline in the reporting filters.

multiple sales pipelines reporting

Add Users To Pipelines

The new pipelines also come with new permissions. When you’re creating a new pipeline, you’ll be able to assign which Base users will have the ability to move or add deals in the new pipeline. It’s also best to set a default pipeline that the user will be primarily working from.

Multiple sales pipelines add users


The new sales pipelines also support automated actions, deal scoring and personalized notifications. This will allow you to build the ultimate end to end solution that is personalized for the way you sell.

Mobile Deal Center

When you’re away from the computer and using Base on your iOS or Android device, you’ll notice a brand new Deal Center that offers quick sales metrics and easy access to all of your sales pipelines. The slick new Deal Center can be accessed by tapping the Deal Center icon at the top of the app. The Deal Center is available on all plans and can also serve as a quick way to jump to any of your saved smart lists when you’re on the go. To access the new deal center, make sure you have the latest version of the Base mobile app. See it in action below!

mobile deal center

Multiple sales pipelines are available today for all Enterprise users and those who are in the 14 day evaluation trial. Tailor your sales process to your needs and give multiple sales pipelines a try now.

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Josh Bean

December 4, 2014

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