Meet Quota Crusher Martin Harvey Whose Sales Are Up 25% Since Using Base

Base Quota Crusher Martin Harvey

Before we introduce you to Martin, lets take a step back and remember why Base was started in the first place.

People. The ones actually using the product.

Frustrated by our own experience with CRM, we founded Base in 2009 based on a strong internal belief that businesses deserve better, smarter software. We’ve come a long way since then, helping thousands of businesses grow and raising over $22 million, including $15 million from our most recent funding round.

As the only CRM built for people, we think it’s important to highlight the people who are using Base to become 10x more productive.

Last month, we opened up a call for “Quota Crushers” – customers who wanted to share their Base success story with the entire Internet. Our customers come from different worlds. Solopreneurs who use Base to stay organized, all the way to sophisticated enterprise customers with hundreds of users requiring varying permission sets and features.

We plan to feature customers at a variety of companies, in different industries and of varying size, but we’ll always focus on the person actually using the software. After all, that’s why Base was built – for people.

Today, we may be starting small in size, but Martin Harvey’s company, Harvey Environmental Services, takes care of a big problem. Pests.

A customer since 2013, he is the only user of Base at his company and has opted for the Starter plan.  “[Base] enhances my ability to organize myself and to keep in touch with prospects and clients in a planned way. It’s made me a lot more organized and effective. I don’t lose pieces of paper and have to trust luck to remember to call someone or to do something at a certain time. Our sales have increased since we’ve been using it,” said Harvey.

“The email integration is fantastic as well as the “funnel” of the stages that a business deal is in at the time.”

He’s referring to sales funnel analysis. Sales reporting with Base gives you a quick way to know what’s going on in your business. The Sales Funnel Analysis report can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your sales pipeline over the course of a given timeframe.

Sales Funnel Report

You’ll see what percentage of your deals make it from one pipeline stage to the next. You’ll also see the number of deals that have made it to each sales stage.

“I also love the mobile app so I can use the system wherever and whenever I want,” he added.

With our #1 ranked native mobile applications for the iOS, Android or Windows Phone, you get all the power of Base on your mobile devices wherever you are. Every experience in Base is designed with mobility in mind, guaranteeing a seamless, beautiful interface for your contacts, deals and sales data on the go.

When asked what specific results he’s seen since using Base, Harvey said, “Sales are up by approximately 25% month over month – and a lot more focus on the type of business that makes us the most money.”

You can follow Harvey on Twitter at @harveyenviro.

Are you our next Quota Crusher?

If you’re a Base customer who has become 10x more productive and you want to be featured in our Quota Crusher series, please email Marketing Manger, Lauren Licata at

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