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Base Prospects and Customers

Back in April, we introduced the concept of Accounts in Base. Since the release, we’ve received some great feedback and as a result, we’re adding some updates today. One of the biggest pieces of feedback from Base customers was that there needed to be a distinction between Contacts you’ve won Deals with (Customers) and Contacts you’re actively selling to (Prospects). They are both important, but they need to be separated. You will now find the Accounts tab has been replaced by a brand new Prospects and Customers tab.

Who are Prospects and Customers?

The Prospects and Customers tab in Base is the best place to find Contacts who you’re actively selling to and Contacts who you have closed Deals with. When you open a Contact, you will now see options to manually set a Contact as either a Prospect or Customer. Contacts will be flagged as Prospects or Customers automatically, too. Here’s what classifies Prospects, Lost Prospects, Customers and Past Customers:

Prospects: Contacts attached to active Deals in your sales pipeline are automatically marked as Prospects. The Contact will remain a Prospect unless they are removed from the Deal or the Deal is closed.
Lost Prospects: A Prospect will automatically become a Lost Prospect if the Deal they are attached to is moved to Lost or Unqualified.
Customer: Contacts attached to Won Deals are automatically marked as Customers. The Contact will remain a Customer unless they are manually marked as a Past Customer.
Past Customer: A Customer will become a Past Customer when a Base user manually marks them as Past Customer.

To learn more about Prospects and Customers, check out the video below:

Prospects and Customers in Outlook

Outlook Base Plugin

For those who are using the Base Outlook Plugin, we released a brand new update today that supports Prospects and Customers. Update to the latest version here. Once you get the new Outlook Plugin you can:

  • Categorize Contacts as either Prospects or Customers, straight from Outlook.
  • Track Active Deals and change the Deal stages
  • Sync Outlook Contacts with Base
  • Plus much, much, more…

Look for additional features to be added to Base Accounts in the future. If you have an idea, please add it to our idea board! We hope you enjoy the new Prospects and Customers.

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Josh Bean

Josh Bean

March 24, 2014

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