New Feature on Base CRM: Leads

Leads can come from anywhere – a trade show, a supplier, or even someone you meet at your kid’s soccer game or at the dog park. The truth is, leads aren’t always qualified. Most of the time, the unqualified leads just sit in your database and get in your way while you’re working. With the new Leads feature in Base CRM, you’ll be able to stay on top of the leads that matter without getting distracted by those that don’t.

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When you log in to Base, you’ll notice a new Leads tab between your Dashboard and your Contacts. The Leads tab is the first stop for any new opportunities that come into your Base CRM account.


Adding Leads to your Base CRM Account

You can bulk-import leads from a spreadsheet (.csv file), vCard, or they can be manually added from the web or mobile app. You can add or import leads the same way you’ve added or imported contacts in the past. Check out our Support portal for more information about using Leads.

Once a lead is qualified, simply “convert” it to create a new deal and a contact. You also have the ability to create a task as a “next step” to help you win the new opportunity.

Benefits of using Leads in Base CRM

Since the release of Leads, we’ve been getting overwhelmingly positive feedback on how Leads is making our customers more organized and productive. In fact, Leads is already on track to become one of our most popular features. Here are the top ways our customers are telling us they’re finding Leads helpful:

  • Leads keep you organized. You can now purchase a large list of leads, have your team qualify them, and only convert the qualified leads. This guarantees that the customers you have in your Base CRM account are all relevant.
  • Whenever a prospect fills out your lead capture form, they are added as a Lead rather than a Deal. This gives you a chance to qualify them before they are added to your pipeline.
  • When converting a lead, you have the option to assign it to the salesperson of your choice.

Leads on your phone and tablet

Leads on Android are available now. We’re still putting the finishing touches on Leads for iOS, but they should be out soon. Be sure to follow our blog (blog RSS) and Twitter for an announcement of when Leads will be available on iOS mobile devices. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peak!

Start tracking your leads in Base CRM today!

Whether you’re just getting started with Base CRM or you’re an experienced Baser, you can start lead tracking and qualifying in just a few seconds. Head over to Base, open the Leads tab, and select “Import Leads.” If you’re new to Base, you can sign up for a free account here.

Try Leads in your Base CRM account

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