Introduction to Base Recap – Live Demo Every Thurs


Catch a live Base demo – every Thursday at 2pm CST. At our demo last week, there were quite a few questions that we didn’t have time to get to. As promised, I’ve answered the questions below. Want to learn more about Base? Attend the live demo this Thursday at 2pm CST.

Can you connect an exchange email mailbox?

Yes, as long as your IT administrator has enabled IMAP and SMTP on the mailserver, you can connect your exchange mailbox. We also have this handy guide for connecting your email to Base. You’ll want to make sure you know your IMAP and SMTP server address and port numbers.

How does the call system work within Base? Does Base Voice work with my current phone number?

When you use Base voice, you have the chance to create a personalized phone number. This number is what will be displayed on caller ID when you make a call. You can also receive inbound calls at this number, and be alerted with a notification in Base. If you do not answer, the call will be forwarded to the forwarding number you set in Base so the caller can attempt to reach you or leave a voicemail.

Can you customize the email signature?

Absolutely! The email signature can be customized from the settings. Follow these instructions to get your personalized email signature set.

Do you offer Custom Fields for images?

The best way to store an image with a Lead, Contact or Deal would be to use the documents feature. Simply drag and drop the image into Base and the image will be stored and accessible on all devices.

Contract signatures integration?

We don’t currently integrate with any E Signature services directly, but we do have a great integration with QuoteRoller. After you send a quote from Base to QuoteRoller, you have the ability to get that quote signed and approved electronically.

How do you add pictures to contacts?

If you add an email address to Base and the email is connected to a Gravatar account, then a profile image will be displayed. The option to upload a profile image, or pull from a social profile is currently under review. 


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