Introducing the new performance dashboard

Sell’s new dashboard is officially live; and just in time to take a look back over the last two quarters and set the stage for a high-performing second half of 2019.

Nearly two years ago, the Sell product team sat down to map out the ideal dashboard experience for sales leaders. Since then there have been countless betas, user sessions and product iterations going into today’s release. The new sales dashboard is designed with customization and flexibility at the center of the experience and is available in Sell now on all plans.

Meet the new performance dashboard

What’s possible with the new performance dashboard in Sell?

  • *New customizable interface:  An entirely new dashboard, built for customization, ensures users have the flexibility to show the most pertinent performance metrics with the option to remove any distractions.
  • *Clear actions to take: smart lists, tasks, and upcoming appointments shown right from the dashboard make it easy to execute the most important action items and identify prospects that you need to follow up with or respond to.
  • *Easier performance tracking: surface more data using new visual performance graphs with powerful filtering options to help better spot trends.
  • *Built for what’s next: the new foundation is better built for ongoing development, allowing new capabilities to be implemented as future sales needs change and evolve.

Introducing Widgets

You’ll customize the new dashboard and make it your own using a variety of widgets that capture different elements of performance. We introduce you to the 9 available widgets and how they capture performance in the chart below.

WidgetWhat it tracksWhat it showsHow it helps
RevenueHow much revenue is closing?*how much has each rep closed this month? this quarter? this year?
*how much revenue do we close by source?
*how much revenue have we closed in the new business pipeline vs expansions?
ForecastHow much revenue is in my pipeline and what’s actually predicted to close?*does our team have enough pipeline to hit our goal?
*do reps have enough revenue in their pipeline to hit quota?
*will we hit forecast if we remove the top 5 deals from the pipeline?
New DealsNumber of deals & amount of revenue that entered the pipeline in chosen timeframe*what entered our pipeline today?
*how many new deals came into our pipeline this week?
*how many new deals did we get each month this quarter?
*how many new deals were assigned to each rep this year?
Pipeline CoverageIs there enough pipeline to hit sales goals?*do we have enough deals in the pipeline to hit our team goals?
*based on past win rates, do I have enough revenue to hit my goals?
Revenue Goal AttainmentHow close am I to hitting my revenue goals?*exactly how much revenue have I closed this year?
*do I hit my revenue goals month after month? By how much?
Top DealsWhat are the top deals and last activity with each?*what’s the last activity with my top deals?
*could any of my top deals be at risk?
*how can I help resolve risks with the top deals in our team’s pipeline?
My Smart ListsWhat’s the latest activity with my favorite Smart Lists?*who has contacted me and needs a response?
*what new leads have I not reached out to?
*who do I need to follow up with?
*have any clients reached out to my support team for help?
TasksWhat tasks do I need to complete?*what tasks do I need to complete?
*what tasks are overdue?
*what needs to be prioritized?
Upcoming AppointmentsWhat are my upcoming meetings?*who do I have scheduled calls with today? This week?
*which rep calls can I join this week to help close more deals?
*how busy is my week ahead?

The dashboard pulls a dense variety of insight into a central place so that sales folks have somewhere to start their day and refocus between calls or activities. Some elements of the dashboard visually show performance (i.e. goal attainment), while other elements expose specific actions to take (i.e. leads who need a response).

Regardless, whether you mostly sell or you oversee a team of reps the performance dashboard heavily enhances visibility to help sales teams be more strategic and make better decisions.

A few guiding lights

Personalize the dashboard so it’s relevant to what you care about and remove anything that creates distraction. For example, if I’m an account executive I’m likely focused on my top deals, upcoming appointments, overdue tasks, or prospects who need a response so I’ll create my dashboard to show me just that. A few other considerations to help guide you:

  • * What’s important to see daily? weekly? monthly?
  • * What’s important to see near the end of the month? How about start of the quarter?

Check out our help guide: Performance Dashboard Overview. Share your favorite insights from the new dashboard in the comments below!

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