Introducing Scoring for Leads and Deals in Base

Today, we’re rolling out Scoring for Leads and Deals in Base Enterprise, as part of our mission to bring you intelligent business software that helps your team make the most informed decisions possible.

Scoring rates your Leads and Deals based on what’s important to your organization, and can save your team significant amounts of time by prioritizing opportunities that are good fits for your business.


To use Scoring, head over to your Settings tab and click on ‘Scoring’ underneath ‘Tools’. Click the ‘+ Add Variable’ button and select a preset or custom field.

Choose a match or define a string that matters to your business. You can assign positive or negative values to different matches for the field.


Using your variables, write a simple formula that will determine how the Score of a Lead or Deal is calculated.

For example, if you’ve noticed from your reports that your team is closing more deals with Manufacturing companies from Minneapolis, you can create a formula to reflect that.


Once you’re done, your team will be able to sort and filter Leads and Deals in your pipeline by their Score.


If you’re a beginner to Scoring, here’s how you might get started building an instantly actionable Scoring formula:

  • Compile a list of your past Deal outcomes – including both won and lost Deals.
  • Examining your Deals side by side, try to pick out elements your won Deals have in common, as well as elements your lost Deals have in common. Hint: the Loss Reasons by Source report in your Reports Center is a great way to do this, as is using filters for almost any report in the Reports Center.
  • Use your findings to draft a Scoring formula. For example: if looking at your Loss Reasons by Source report you find that Deals resulting from referrals perform better than Deals resulting from cold calls, you should give ‘referrals’ a higher score than ‘cold calls’ in your ‘Source’ variable.
  • Experiment with your formula to make it work for you! Your formula should be updated from time to time to reflect on changes to your business and your customers.

To help you get the most out of Scoring, we’re organizing a webinar with examples of how we use Scoring to save our reps 30% time here at Base.

Check out the video for Scoring below:

Any questions? How would you use Scoring to improve the productivity of your own team? Let us know in the comments!

Don’t have a Base account, but want to give Scoring a try? Sign up for your free trial here.

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