Introducing A Powerful New Search API

**Editor’s Note: Base was acquired by Zendesk in September and has rebranded to Zendesk Sell. All the features still exist we’re just sporting an updated look**

Since launching the Base Marketplace back in May, we’ve seen a slew of new integrations being built for Base. In response, we have been adding new APIs like the Firehose API which allows you to receive a continuous stream of data from Base. Today we’re introducing a shiny new Search API with GraphQL support.

The new Search API provides access to Base’s read layer and allows you to access Base data via a JSON search API with powerful query language or a GraphQL API that enables querying company information along with Company Hierarchy relationships.

With projections, filtering, sorting and aggregations, the Search API enables customers to fetch specific datasets, analyze, order and aggregate results while minimizing latency and bandwidth. Ultimately, customers will have the power to implement complex logic and analytics on top of their Base data.

We are already seeing a few key use cases:

Custom analytics:

  • Analyze data based on key attributes.
  • Example: Calculate the total deal volume and average deal size by team.

Data quality checks:

  • Check Base data for completeness.
  • Example: Show the number of blank close date fields on deals grouped by sales rep.

Advanced search:

  • Get granular with search specifications.
  • Example: Query all contacts with a with a particular domain in their email address.

If you’re looking for the developer documentation you can find that here. We hope you enjoy the new API – let us know in the comments below how you’re using it!

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