Mobile Email Templates – The Fastest Way To Email On The Go

email templates

Mobile email templates and merge tags are now available to help you quickly send concise email on the go. Those of you who have been using merge tags and email templates on the web know how much of a time saver templates can be. On mobile, it’s worse. The keyboard is smaller, the screen is tiny (sometimes) and you’re on the go. The new email templates are here to change that and make your life easier.

We’re releasing email templates for Android today, iOS users will see templates later this week. The latest version of Base with email templates lets you pull from your template library when sending an email to a Lead, Contact or Deal. In addition to templates, you can also use merge tags to pull information directly from the Contact or Deal into the email. Imagine being able to insert a phone number or address into the body of an email with just a few taps. Merge tags not only makes this process simple, it also eliminates retyping information which means less mistakes. Start using merge tags and email templates now to send email when you’re on the go.

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