Introducing Mentions for Collaborative Selling

**Editor’s Note: Base was acquired by Zendesk in September and has rebranded to Zendesk Sell. All the features still exist we’re just sporting an updated look**

Providing an all-in-one solution to make the lives of salespeople more productive and manageable is what we’re after. Today we’re psyched to announce the release of our new feature @Mentions, making your team a whole lot more productive by streamlining collaboration efforts throughout the entire sales lifecycle.

Why We Built It

Mentions enhances collaboration so teams using Base don’t just have the option to collaborate on opportunities, but they’re empowered to adopt a collaborative workflow that sticks.

Until now collaboration in Base meant getting notified about changes or updates made to Leads, Contacts, or Deals when assigned as a “collaborator”. It’s allowed teams to collaborate to sell but today we’re taking this to a new level. Call attention to coworkers on specific opportunities by @mentioning their name to share updates, ask questions, flip deals to other reps, or however your team works together to close deals.

How it Works

From any Lead, Contact, or Deal in Base you can now mention other Base users when logging notes, calls, or in-person visits. Simply type “@” followed by the name of your coworker to mention them in a note, call, or visit logged to specific opportunities.

Once a user is @mentioned they can be notified by web alert, email notification, or both. To customize notifications for @mentions navigate to Base Settings > Notifications to adjust how you’d like to stay up to speed when mentioned by other users.Know exactly what needs to get done and who’s responsible for doing it, all from within Base.

A New World of Collaboration

For the most part internal conversations regarding sales likely take place through your company’s chat system (i.e. Slack), face-to-face, or via email thread… while every other aspect of the sale takes place from within Base. That means a loss of context in your internal collaboration, and lots of questions like “what deal are we talking about again?”

Today that changes – bringing your internal conversations into Base means the people you collaborate with know exactly what needs to get done and who’s responsible for doing it, on every opportunity that enters your pipeline.

Try implementing one of these strategies to adopt a collaborative workflow using Mentions.

Ask Questions

As sales machines you may need to connect with other people in your organization to close a sale. Ask questions or request updates on specific deals to communicate more effectively without letting anything slip through the cracks.

  • Say you need to get an approval on a quote, @mention your manager to draw their attention to specific deals.
  • Seeking more information or expertise to close a sale? @mention a coworker to inquire possible solutions and get back to prospects sooner regarding their needs.
  • As a sales manager you may want to revisit past unqualified or lost opportunities – @mention reps asking them to check in and see if now’s a better time to buy.

Share Updates

Keep your colleagues in the loop when changes occur that they should know about.

  • Some important news come up on your last call? Log call notes as usual and @mention a colleague or manager to share big news or key details that need their attention.
  • Keep coworkers or managers you’re collaborating with in the loop with status changes. As soon as a noteworthy change occurs log a note on the Lead, Contact, or Deal and @mention relevant colleagues to share status updates without leaving Base.

Qualify & Flip Deals

Many sales organizations have adopted a multi-touch approach to how they sell, meaning prospects interact with multiple points of contact at a given company before becoming a paying customer. Streamline this process so sales passed from rep-to-rep or team-to-team clearly outline key information that’s already taken place and who is responsible for next steps. Moving these internal conversations to Base will not only hold everyone more accountable but will generate a book of record for historical reference in case you ever need it.

Reference Past Conversations

If you currently correspond with coworkers by email or another application you understand the hassle of going back and forth between Base and wherever you have these internal conversations. We’re here to rid this inconvenience from your day-to-day. No more searching for past conversations with colleagues related to specific deals. From here on out you’ll reference the Lead, Contact, or Deal card in Base to quickly revisit any important discussion that took place internally to close a deal. Say goodbye to long email threads and hunting down past conversations with coworkers. One hub for everything you need to sell!

That’s Not All

We’ve revamped the note-taking experience in Base to support rich text, making notes way easier to read and write than ever before. When logging notes, calls, or visits you can now manipulate text to format your notes however you’d like. Utilize different headers, quotes, bulleted & numbered lists, bold, or italicized text to create notes that are super clear, easy to revisit, and great for quick skimming. It might sound like a minute change but take a look for yourself – welcome to a better world of taking notes.

See our help guide for a deeper dive into @Mentions and implementing collaborative selling in Base.

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