Smarter Than Your Average Bot: Intelligent Lead Capture Using Live Chat

Traditional chats appear for everyone and offer little control over when they appear. New advancements mean your team is only talking to the accounts they want to speak with via chat.

The Story

Several years back, I added a chat bubble to our pricing page 🗣 I was anticipating endless conversations with prospects ready to buy. A new way to capture leads!

But what I discovered was much larger. I was fielding questions like, “How do I import leads?” “I forgot my password, please help,” and even, “Can you put me in touch with your CEO?” I eventually removed the chat from our website and moved on to the next initiative (learning a bit along the way). I was having tons of conversations, but very few were in “buying mode.”

Chats have become more and more effective over the years. It’s now common practice to see a chat button in the bottom corner of the screen which features the latest product update and someone who can answer a question. But, I mainly avoided these with my past chat experience still fresh in my mind.

Then I met Drift. A new way to engage in sales conversations with the companies that matter to you. At Base, we use Drift to engage high value prospects, and you can too. Here’s how to intelligently capture leads and avoid the noise.

The Strategy

I won’t cover the basic chat setup; there’s plenty of information out there about that. This post assumes that’s all taken care of.

Once everything is in place for Drift setup, you’ll want to create your first playbook, including messaging and goals. Where things get interesting is when you set your audience.

While you could select one of the four categories above and be done, the real magic happens when setting display conditions. For example, I’ve set our chat to only appear on a specific domain after 3 seconds.

Additionally, Drift has teamed up with the folks at Clearbit to give you the ability to filter your audience by firmographics, meaning you can target visitors based on domain, technology, number of employees and more. In my case I only want my chat to appear when someone is visiting me from a company with 200+ employees, which I can easily set.

When you set up firmographic targeting you have control over which visitors see your chat, thus saving your qualification team time. It’s a way to make sure every conversation is worthwhile 🙌

The Conversation

Has anyone tried this type of chat for themselves? How did it work out? Let us know in the comments below!

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