Import Dropdown Custom Fields with Base

Import dropdown options

Any time you’re moving your data from one system to another, it can be a challenge. Here at Base, we’re trying to make that a little easier for you. Starting today, you can map imported data to dropdown custom fields.

Mapping a column to a drop down custom field is as simple as selecting the field name during the import process. Base will analyze your data, see what the options should be for the custom field and create it automatically. Then, any time you’re adding a new contact manually, the drop down will have all your options for you. If you are importing data using an existing custom field, Base will match the existing values and add new ones from the CSV. To get started, log into Base and click on Import in the Settings.

Looking for other Base import tools to make your life easier? Be sure to also check out our Deal Importer and our Salesforce Importer.

import custom fields

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