How To Use Geolocation To Build Stronger Bonds With Your Clients and Prospects


In a world where the sales rep on the other end of the line could be calling from India as easily as Indiana, sharing a sense of place with your prospects can garner some serious trust and deepen relationships. As a sales rep, you know you have to stand out from the crowd and paying attention to a person’s geography opens the door to authentic conversations and much more memorable connections.

Geolocation, one of our most popular experiences in Base, delivers the perfect opportunity to connect over place. For those of you new to Geolocation, it’s fully integrated mobile mapping right in your CRM. It allows you to visualize your Leads, Contacts and Deals on a map and reach them with one-touch driving directions. We introduced Geolocation a while back, here.

We’ve covered what it is, and why it’s a great tool to have, but we wanted to take it a step further and show you how you can use the information provided by Geolocation to build deeper relationships with your clients and prospects. Here is how:

Geography is so much more than the weather.

Much of a person’s temperament is shaped by location. We are all familiar with the common cliches of city-slickers and slow-talking country folk and while we never want to oversimplify our prospects we can use our maps to draw useful conclusions about the pace at which they are moving. When you take into account the pace of life of the person you are talking with, you can easily adjust your approach to better mirror their own. While a serious urbanite thrives on straight-to-the-point conversations, your more rural client expects and appreciates conversational pleasantries. Use these cues to build trust and shape your pitch.

Everyone has an opinion.

Nothing joins strangers together like a shared love of food and everyone has a favorite place to eat. Get a prospect talking about their favorite place to dine and you’ve hit a goldmine of information about preferences and priorities. Do they rave about a good value? They are cost-conscious. Do they admit that they indulge? They’ll pay for a premium experience. Once you hit on the subject of food, you’ll likely find that people open up. Let mapping lead you to a conversation about popular local dining spots – ask about nearby favorites and favorite regional dishes. You would be hard pressed to find a region where there isn’t one burger place stands head and shoulder above the rest or lacks a slice of pie you’d be regret if you missed. Ask about it.

Points of pride.

From the old town square to the museum’s new sculpture, every locale has an architectural or cultural gem that residents beam over. Once you’ve seen someone’s location on a map you can easily inquire about the local landmarks. People like to share their expertise and it is easy to have some so on regionally significant cultural touchstones, so invite them to riff. Sharing a chat over a recently built bridge creates its own bridge to a longer and more lasting relationship.

Let’s talk about it over drinks.

On some lucky occasions you’ll actually be on the same map as your client when that happens you must make that time count. With Geolocation, you can pull up pin drops of nearby contacts and see exactly who is where in the area. Use Geolocation to initiate casual lunch dates or drinks after work. While an unscheduled meeting can come off as a hindrance, an invitation for food and drink inspires a positive response. Use Base’s map feature to maximize the time spent traveling for a similarly situated client meeting or cap off a leisure trip with a little business before you fly home.

Winning the sale is about winning trust. Building trust is dependent upon building a relationship. When you go the extra mile and take advantages of tools like Geolocation you stand out in your prospect’s mind and come that much closer to closing the deal.

Base gives you the power to sort your mapping by Owner, Customer Type, Tags, Card Type and, of course, city. Use the insights maps offer to build rapport and relationships with your clients and prospects. If you haven’t already, start your free trial. Geolocation is included, so let us know what you think.

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