How To Grow Your Business With CRM

How to grow your business with CRM

Growth is the goal for any company, to start as a seedling and blossom a little brighter each year. Just as gardeners have their own set of tools to cultivate their flowers, a sales team needs tools to achieve business growth. One of the most useful is a system for customer relationship management.

CRM is like the plant food for your business. It supercharges the raw materials in your team and helps them to achieve their best. Here’s how a CRM can help your company grow.

Better lead generation and conversion

Start at the beginning, with the people you’re focusing your sales work on. Having a large percentage of high-quality leads in your pipeline will help improve your odds of closing deals. With a CRM, you’ll have an easy system for entering contact information for these candidate customers. A simple lead capture form and a contact clipper for social media networks are just two ways Base makes these initial stages a breeze. CRM also gives you more control in managing who from your sales team works with each new lead so that the right person does the job. Qualify those leads efficiently and get down to business faster.

Centralize communications

Don’t spend precious time hunting for paper memos or searching through your inbox for the email exchange you need. CRM brings all the conversations to a central hub. Deal cards in Base can store all relevant emails, phone calls and documents so that you’re never at a loss for the information you need.

Serve your customers

There are no won deals without happy customers. To keep more of them pleased, use your CRM to deliver the best possible service. Since you have all the information about each deal in one place, you can always be on top of what was covered in the last meeting and what special requests you’re accommodating. By giving you the intel and features for great customer management, you can treat every client like the most important one.

Automate the easy things

One way that sales reps can drop the ball is by forgetting some of the small steps that go into a successful deal. With a CRM, your team members can receive automatic reminders about those tasks, such as sending a thank-you note or calling to follow up on a successful demo. Automation helps keep the ball rolling on your deals, no matter how many each rep is juggling.

Analyze performance

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the same is true of your sales team. If you have weak links in your department, the whole division won’t perform at the level it could. Get the most out of your team by examining the performance of each individual. Use CRM reports to take a close look at how many deals your reps close, and where the lost deals go wrong. Check the success of their cold calls based on length of the chat and what time it happened. Use all the data stored in your CRM to find ways to improve.

Forecasting reports

Growing is easier when you can tell at the beginning of the quarter what your results will be at the end. Not only does a CRM have reports on individual reps, but its analytics can also show how your company will perform in the future. Project how many of your deals are likely to close and when. Be prepared for your quarterly results before you have to chat with shareholders. Take action early so that you can always be a step ahead of the game and get the ever-better results you want.

Next Step: Learn how to choose the right CRM for your business.

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