How to Distribute High Value Content to Your Customers on Autopilot

Your customers are seeking high value content every day. How they find it and who delivers it is up to you.

Recently I shared a post about how to find high value content worthy of your prospects and customers. In it, I provided seven tools and tactics that when deployed correctly will provide just the information that your customers will appreciate.

Once you have this helpful information available, the next question becomes:

“How do I get this information into the hands of my prospects and customers on a regular basis?”

I suggest the follow-up to that is:

“How do I make sure that they know that it is being provided by me?”

By using the following tools and techniques, you will not only deliver the desired information but also establish yourself as the “go-to” person for this information. It will not only open additional opportunities with your existing customers, it will open the doors of opportunity for prospective customers that you have not yet met.

Here are tools to help you get your name and information into the customer’s hands:

Not only should you use to gather useful content, it is one of the most effective ways to distribute that information. organizes the information you have gathered and formats it into a professional, easy to read online service delivered as often as you choose. Here is an example of what looks like, this one is on the topic of LinkedIn for sales.


Notice that your name and the title are fully customizable and that there is a “follow” button on the upper left of the screen that your customers can select. By sharing quality, relevant content using this tool, you are able to save your customers significant time having to search for all of it themselves. This approach will gain effectiveness over time, as you become more adept at finding relevant content and your customer becomes accustomed to seeing your publication.

Similar in function to with additional options for customization and branding if desired, collects information automatically based on the keywords and URL’s you provide and then formats information that it discovers into a news-type format. A key difference with is that can become overwhelming to customers. It is more difficult to be selective in the information that you present. If you have customers that prefer a “fire-hose” of information that they can sift through, or if you have an extremely narrow focus of keywords and URL’s, might just be a good solution.


LinkedIn Status Update

LinkedIn is the preferred social platform for business with the vast majority of B2B professionals maintaining a presence on the platform.  With the content that you have gathered with the tools and practices in the earlier How to find high value content worthy of your prospects and customers post, it should only take a few mouse clicks or taps on your tablet to share the most relevant link each day as a status update on LinkedIn. I recommend you stick to no more than one update per day. It will help you show up in the news feed on their LinkedIn page and continue to build your reputation as an expert in your industry that they need to connect with.

Web URL’s on your LinkedIn Profile

This might just be one of the most effective ways to connect customers to the information you are now sharing. By editing one of the websites you have available in your profile, you can provide the URL/link to your, or even your blog if you are ambitious. Just select “Other” from the pull down menu under Websites, enter a descriptive name for your publication, and then enter the link in the appropriate space.


Twitter provides an effective way to share a few of the other links that you have gathered each day. Ideally you should use a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to enter them in all at one time and schedule them to go out throughout the day. You can quickly become a source of information for your industry if you are diligent in your efforts.


By offering an easy subscription link to those that have an interest in what you have to offer, one of the many Email Service Providers (ESP’s) will give you the ability to deliver focused, relevant information in an automated way.  Email is still one of the most effective communications tools and there is no learning curve for your customers.  I have used most of the ESP’s out there and after much trial and error I heartily recommend AWeber or Mailchimp.  AWeber will provide more functions and automation when you need it, but MailChimp is a reliable service that some feel is easier to learn. For Base customers, MailChimp integrates seamlessly.

I am on record as saying that every sales person should have their own blog/website. WordPress is the biggest, best-supported and most flexible platform on the planet. It will serve as your home base, the central source of all of your content, contact information, source for your downloads, AWeber sign up form, and your other social media activities. Many of the most successful sales superstars in each industry are using a WordPress blog with tremendous success. The learning curve can be very short and the results will pay for the efforts for many years to come. Note that the link is to the “self-hosted” version of WordPress. If you are going to be using this for business do not use the free service, it will just cause you frustration and you will have to start over when you move to the .org version anyway.

One of the unexpected benefits of providing information this way is that it is easily sharable. It is very convenient for your customer to forward your to other members of their team, executives and even peers in other companies. Your WordPress blog can be bookmarked and referenced. Remember that every share includes your name and the “Follow” button. It can and will open doors you were not even aware of. It has also been helpful to help me identify additional decision-makers that I was not aware of in the early stages.

The excuses have been removed; you can become that trusted source of information without ever writing one word of it yourself. The process can be automated and on auto-pilot and once you have selected the tools and tactics best suited for your purpose, will take up only a few minutes out of your work schedule.

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