How Our Own Sales Team Uses Base To Increase Productivity

Base Sales Team

Hoping to get some insider secrets, clients often ask us how our own sales team uses Base. Makes sense, since not only does our sales team sell the software, but they also work in it every single day. Who better to talk to about how to get the most out of Base than our own sales team? We sat down with a few of our sales reps who shared with us how they use Base to increase their productivity. From the left, Brian Bell, Roger Kirwin, and Ryan Thomas.

1. What is your favorite experience in Base?

Roger: Geolocation is my favorite feature in Base today. The ability to see street views and get driving directions to a customer’s office by simply clicking a link in Base is huge! For outside sales teams, this is a game changer.

Brian: Hands down – easy navigation and data access. Base makes it so easy to navigate my data. Other CRM systems require you to set up custom views to exclude certain data. In Base, with a couple clicks you can see the contacts or deals that are important to you for the task at hand. The productivity gains are tremendous.

Ryan: Base Voice. With the click of a button I can make a call, have it recorded for future reference and log the call outcome automatically. I can also set up a call list if I want to power through a list of calls in the morning. If you’re not using this feature yet, I recommend checking it out.

2. How does Base make you more productive?

Roger: Base is really good at giving me just what I need to see in my CRM. Many other providers in the marketplace inundate you with fields, options, tabs, etc. On top of that, my experience with Base is consistent across all platforms. When I go out in the field, I can quickly access only the important data I am looking for on mobile. Furthermore, I take my meeting notes on my mobile device, so I never have to go back to the office for data entry.

Brian: I use Base all day and it automatically logs and tracks all of my activity. With my previous CRM, I would develop my own system to avoid using it and spend Sunday evening updating the CRM just for my boss.

Ryan: By eliminating redundant tasks like data entry, I don’t have to log things like notes, calls, and tasks, since it’s automated through Base. The mobile app also makes me more productive because I can enter data offline when I am not at my desk or without Internet access.

 3. Do you have any Base “hacks” you want to share?

Roger: I think setting up a Lead Capture form on your website is huge. In real-time, we’re able to follow up with contacts who submit an inquiry through our website.

Ryan: Contact Clipper. Not all Base users know that you can clip LinkedIn and Facebook contacts into your Base account with the click of a button. I have even created my own personal Base account that I clip Facebook and LinkedIn contacts into, so that I can keep up with important contacts outside of my work environment.

4. How does Base compare to other CRM systems you’ve used in the past?

Roger: Base is easier, more agile and available on ANY platform. Most of all, Base is beautiful & fun to use. We all know the value of CRM platforms depend on the quality of data inputted, and I actually enjoy using Base. I’m confident that Base gives upper management piece of mind that their reps are adopting the platform & becoming the best sales reps they can be.

Brian: Base is so easy to use because of its great interface. Other CRMs are so laborious and frustrating that I would honestly dread updating my deals. I can recall leaving a client with a head full of information and handwritten notes and having to wait an hour until I could get online, sign in to a VPN, use the required browser and device, and then manually update each record. With Base I can quickly add notes, update or complete tasks and advance deals from my mobile device, even offline.

Ryan:  In a similar position that I’m in now, I used to use Salesforce as an inside sales rep, and I can’t tell you how much time I save every day with Base. In the past, I would constantly have to enter in data that wasted hours every day. Now I have a system that works around my activities as a sales rep.

5. What is your biggest sales frustration that Base helps to solve?

Roger: Mobile. Many other CRM systems give you a light version of their CRM on mobile, typically resulting in me not being able to access the data I am looking for on the go. Moreover, I am a big user of apps and I cannot stand when I download an iPhone-sized app on my iPad. With Base that is not an issue!

Brian: To be effective in sales you have to have the right tools for the job. Often this means using many tools for many jobs. However, with Base you can sync your email, call from Base, store documents, manage tasks, and set up any additional integrations to tools you already use. I can do all of my sales activities in one centralized location. This makes more effective and much more organized.

Ryan: Calls. In the past, even with the best notes, I would always forgot some small detail when reaching out to a prospect or client that I had not spoken to in a while. Now, with the help of Base Voice, I can go back to all my recorded conversations and sound like a genius when I remember every single detail from calls that were weeks or months back.

How does your sales team use Base? Share your best tips in the comments below.

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