Hello Base, Goodbye Highrise – New Importer Released

Import from highrise

Since 37signals announced that they would be halting production of Highrise and Campfire to focus solely on Basecamp, many Highrise customers have wandered over to Base. Welcome, ex-Highrisers! Last week, we blogged about the challenges of migrating data and how we aim to make that experience as pleasant as possible. Today we’re introducing a new and improved Highrise importer that makes moving to Base from Highrise a snap. 

To use the Highrise importer, just log into your Base account and open the Importer (under settings). If you don’t have a Base account, you can grab one here. Once you’re in the Highrise importer, all you need to do is enter your Highrise API key; Base takes care of the rest. We’ll automatically pull your data into Base and assign it to the correct user. If there’s users in Highrise that aren’t in Base, you have the ability to create them automatically.

Assign users in highrise importIf you are a Highrise customer looking for a new CRM and sales productivity solution, try Base for free.

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