Global Email Visibility Options Now Available


We’re making it even easier to share customer conversations with your team. Today we’re introducing Global Email Visibility settings so you can share email conversations with your team automatically. Say goodbye to sharing conversations one-by-one.

In the Base Email Settings, you’ll notice two new options, Visibility and Blacklist. In the visibility options you can control who can view conversations with Leads, Contacts and Deals. In Blacklist options, you can specify which conversation should always remain private.

Sharing customer conversations with your team gives everyone greater visibility into relationships. Never again will you be interrupted by a teammate asking, “have you spoken with Mr. Smith recently?” Everything is logged in Base automatically for everyone to see. Update your email visibility options here and give your teammates the visibility they need. We’re really excited to deliver this feature, and know many of you have been waiting for this. Thanks for the patience, I hope you enjoy these new visibility options!

email visibility

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