Save contacts from Linkedin & Facebook with the NEW Contact Clipper

Have you ever caught yourself copying contact information from Linkedin to your CRM? Do you scan Linkedin and Facebook for hours looking for new leads – just to come up empty in the end?

The Base Contact Clipper is a brand new Chrome Extension that lets you add contacts to Base CRM with just one click. The Base Contact Clipper is the best way to collect leads from Linkedin and Facebook. Stop entering new leads manually and start effortlessly clipping them to Base.

Installing the Contact Clipper Extension takes seconds.  Click here to install the extension from the Chrome Web Store. Not using Chrome to browse the Internet? Not a problem, you can download Chrome for free here.

After you install the extension, you will notice the Contact Clipper icon light up when you are looking at a Linkedin or Facebook profile. To add that contact to Base, all you need to do is click on the Contact Clipper icon and it will be added to your account. It’s that easy.


The next time you log into Base, you will see your newly added contact on the dashboard. Your new contact will be tagged with “Contact Clipper” and the source (Linkedin or Facebook) for quick filtering.

What are you waiting for? Get the Base CRM Contact Clipper today from the Chrome Web Store.

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