From Art to Science: 5 Steps to Predictable Sales Growth

Fifty years ago, when marketers were valued solely on the magnitude of their ideas and customer service teams were judged by the authenticity of their smiles, sales was considered an art. Hitting sales targets was regarded as a game of skill honed by sales veterans over years of deals won and lost.

Fast-forward to the dawn of digital and the onset of big data, and marketers are no longer measured by the cleverness of an ad campaign, but by its associated cost per lead and conversion rate. Customer service and support is held accountable by metrics like average response time and customer churn. Yet sales leaders are still trying to master the art of sales and struggling to hit quota by “doing better” and “working harder.”

The problem is, the art of sales cannot be scaled, quantified or refined. With 60% of companies no longer confident in achieving their sales targets, it’s time for sales leaders to leave the art of sales behind and start adopting a more scientific approach.

Our latest eBook, From Art to Science: 5 Steps to Predictable Sales Growth, maps out 5 clear steps your business can take to start understanding sales performance in a data-driven way that leads to actionable, quantifiable insights.

Do you know how to increase data capture among your sales reps? Have you adopted a dimensional view of your sales funnel? Are you aware that there’s a proven sales formula for measuring performance?

Get insight into these questions and more when you download the eBook here!

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Rachel Serpa

Rachel Serpa

November 3, 2016

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