What you missed at Forecast at Relate

Earlier this month, Zendesk took over the Fairmont in San Francisco for Relate. As part of Relate, we held an event within an event for sales and customer experience leaders. If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry! We’ve put together a full recap – here’s what you missed.

Introducing Zendesk Sell

Base CRM is now Zendesk Sell! The announcement was made early on Tuesday to open up the Relate Conference and on Wednesday at the Forecast at Relate event, there were a number of speakers talking about the current product, its future, and the role it plays in helping their business.

Sell itself is simple and designed to keep reps selling. It eliminates the friction from deal updates so reps and management are always able to access, analyze, and collaborate on relevant deal data. In just a few clicks you can send emails, make calls, schedule meetings, and view deal history, all from one place without having to log everything by hand.

What is Forecast at Relate all about?

Sales and support have always been seen as two separate entities. You have your sales team that nurtures leads through the funnel until they become customers. Where the support team takes over to ensure they have a great experience using your product. That seems like a bit of a disconnect, doesn’t it? Well, Zendesk has decided to marry the two and through a series of speakers both internally in Zendesk and external customers spoke about the impact that this new relationship will have on their company and teams.

Uzi Shmilovici, Base Founder and CEO and Mikkel Svane, Zendesk Founder and CEO shared their perspectives last year on how customer relationships have changed over the years, becoming less transactional as technology allows customers to expect more from the businesses they interact with. This year, they talked about the new Sell product will help deliver that more full and encompassing view of customers and their data for companies.

Fireside chat part II: Future of Base inside of Zendesk

Back again for part II Mikkel and Uzi sat down to discuss the future of Base as a part of Zendesk. As you might have noticed, a complete rebranding took place and Base is now Zendesk Sell. And one of the more “on the surface” changes was announced that Zendesk Sell (formerly Base) will be much more deeply integrated with the support product.

Product vision, roadmap, and announcements

Ryan Nichols, VP Product and Marketing at Zendesk Sell and Bart Kiszala Sr. Director Product at Zendesk Sell took some time to lay out the roadmap and announcements coming for the Sell product both in the near term and what to expect in 2019. The duo highlighted some of the exciting features released this year including the @Mention for sales collaboration, reach prospecting and lead enrichment, as well as enhanced logging of visits

Bart also helped lay out some of the exciting updates planned for 2019 with new performance dashboards, improved permissions, automatic lead distribution, among many other things on the way for the user. The Sell team is working to continue to deliver a product that sales people love and will continue to use throughout their day. In addition, one of the main goals for next year is to have a unified view of the customer between the Sell and Support products. This will better enable communication, customer visualization, and success throughout companies and their teams.

Steal this workflow: How Dorm Room Movers manages their sales process

Matt Grossman SVP Strategy for Dorm Room Movers, a Zendesk and Base user joined us to discuss different workflows he and his team created to help them work more efficiently. Matt gave an in-depth look at how his team uses both Base and Zendesk, how he has seen the products improve his team’s visibility and productivity, and, most importantly, keeps his team from losing track of leads.

Relationships over transactions: How Simpleray combines sales and support

David Birchmier VP Strategy and Business Development for Simpleray (formerly Iowa Wind and Solar) had a similar feel to his talk. He too was a Base and Zendesk user and explained his relationship with the products and how it changed the way his business operated, but also how it helped his team focus more on the relationships rather than the tedium of antiquated sales tools.

Molly’s game and the sales game

Author and Entrepreneur Molly Bloom sat down with VP Sales and Success AMER at Zendesk Sell, Caitlin Keohane to discuss her life story. Molly’s story starts in Colorado and peaks with FBI agents raiding her apartment and arresting her in the night. She ran some of the most successful poker games in the world from LA where she started to New York where she branched out on her own and grew the game to unprecedented heights.

Sales leaders tell all: Secrets from the front line

Zendesk Sell’s Zoe Koven Sr. Director, Customer Success sat down with Eric Benson Director, Boomer Consulting, Shelby Stanley Managing Director, Retail Division TWO-USA, and Francisco Cruz General Sales Manager, Aliera Healthcare to talk about their experiences with sales tools and the relationship that their teams have had with them.

It’s no secret that sales teams and their software don’t always get along. From implementation to adoption and everywhere in-between this panel discussed how they came to the decision of needing new sales software and why Zendesk Sell (Base) was the right fit for their organizations.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of Forecast at Relate. If you want to relive the day, check back soon for complete video coverage. Until then, here’s a recap of the entire Zendesk Relate conference. 

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