Five Major Sales Trends Shaping Business in 2017

Each year brings with it a slew of new technologies, interests and market demands with the potential to change business as we know it. For instance, who can forget the year of cloud or inbound marketing? How about mobile CRM or social listening?

With the arrival of 2017, a new set of trends looms on the horizon, ready to make its mark. Sales teams looking to stay a step ahead of the competition and help forge the future of sales must be aware of the challenges and opportunities at hand, as well as prepare themselves to take action.

This eBook examines 5 major sales trends poised to impact sales in new and exciting ways in 2017:

1. Prescriptive sales insights
2. Sales Scientist as a key business role
3. UX as a critical component of CRM
4. Automated data collection
5. Reduction of sales point solutions

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Rachel Serpa

Rachel Serpa

August 3, 2016

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