Filtering and Sorting Updates To Help You Work Smarter

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on several updates to the filtering and sorting functions to make your life easier. In this post, I’ll walk you through the updates and highlight why they’ll help you work smarter.

Cleaner Filtering

The first update we made was the filtering function for Leads, Contacts and Deals. Customers with a lot of data told us that their filters were starting to become difficult to navigate.

To fix this, we created an option for customers to view only the information they wanted to see. Filters can now be opened and closed so you can customize your viewing options. To open a filter, just click on it and it will expand, showing you how your Leads, Contacts or Deals can be filtered.

expandable filters in Base

Before the update, there were situations where if, for example, you had hundreds of zip codes (or other fields) in Base, you’d have to click through multiple pages to find the zip code you wanted. Now, all filters that have more than 10 filterable options have a search box. Just start typing the zip code (or any other filterable field) and Base will refine your filters for you.
zip code filter in Base
You’ll also notice that next to each filter, you can see how many Contacts, Leads or Deals match this filter. In the screenshot above, I can quickly see that there are 15 Contacts that match the Zip Code “02904.”

Filtering by Custom Fields

It’s also now possible to filter your data by custom fields. This is a much-awaited feature that allows you to filter by the custom fields that are specific to your business. To make a custom field filterable, just open up your settings and open the custom field options. Click edit and check the box that says “filterable.” Right now, drop-down custom fields aren’t filterable, but we’re working on it. You should see this available within the next few weeks.
filtering with custom fields

Smarter Sorting

We’ve also updated the sorting options for Leads, Contacts and Deals. In the top right corner of your screen, you’ll see the number of Leads, Contacts or Deals being displayed, and how they’re being sorted. The sorting options will differ depending on whether you’re looking at Leads, Contacts or Deals. To select a different sorting option, just click on the current selection and pick how you want to see your data sorted.
base sorting options

Deals Scheduled to Close

If you specify when you expect a Deal to close, you can now sort your sales pipeline by “Estimated close date.” This is great for when you’re quickly trying to see what you have slated to close this month.
sorting by estimated close date

We hope these new updates make your life easier and that you find them helpful. Don’t forget – you can stay up to date on all Base releases by subscribing to our blog. Just enter your email address on the right.


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