Documents where you need them—in Base.

When you’re in sales, you deal with a lot of documents every single day – white papers, quotes, invoices, contracts, marketing materials – you get the idea. Shouldn’t it be easy to store, track and share all of these documents? As of today, it is.

We’ve just added Base Documents to all plans – native storage so you can keep Deal-related documents in Base. You no longer have to rely on document sharing services to securely store and collaborate on documents you need for specific Deals.

Drag-and-Drop Team Document Sharing

Document storage and sharing is just as easy to use as other features on Base. Securely drag-and-drop documents onto a Deal so your team can access them. If a collaborator has access to the deal, they will be able to open and download the attached documents. You don’t need to worry about sharing folders and complex file links.

Base CRM Drag and drop document storage

Base CRM Document storage

Secure Storage Option

All of your documents are securely stored directly within Base. There are no complex third-party integrations to setup and no additional storage costs to worry about. Documents are backed up hourly and uploaded in a secure manner.

Email Attachments from Documents

Documents stored with Deals can be attached to outgoing emails. This means you don’t have to search through your computer to find that one file that just doesn’t want to be found. All you have to do is click on the paperclip icon when writing an email in Base and select the document you want to attach.

Base CRM Documents email attachment

No Additional Costs

We’re adding Base Documents to all of our existing plans at no additional costs to our customers. All storage limits outlined below are per user.

Subscription Storage Capacity
Free 20 files or 20Mb/account – whichever is reached first
Starter 2Gb/ User
Professional 5Gb/ User
Enterprise 10Gb/ User

Coming Soon 

We have more updates for Documents coming soon, but we didn’t want to hold back on releasing this one.

Feedback Welcome – and Encouraged!

How are you using Base Documents? What are you storing with your sales Deals? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @getbase.

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