Blue Reef provides safe Internet solutions to schools. Base makes it easy.

Blue Reef

Sometimes, the right CRM system makes all the difference. Australia-based Blue Reef says life is “a lot better” after Salesforce.

Blue Reef is an Australia-based company that encourages students to use Internet responsibly and reduces the burden on school IT departments. With clients all across Southeast Asia, the Blue Reef sales team had too much work on its hands and lacked the right tools to make them effective. The reps relied on a costly and duplicative combination of Salesforce and Excel spreadsheets to monitor their sales pipeline. Solutions Specialist Kane Rogers decided there had to be a better way. “I was the instigator to get us away from Salesforce because I freaking hated it,” he said with a laugh. This started the research and evaluation process for a new CRM system.

According to Rogers, Blue Reef was spending $15,000 per quarter on Salesforce licensing, plus more than $20,000 in consulting fees, without getting any real value from the tool.
“Even though we were using Salesforce, it was so complicated that we essentially had to build our own Excel spreadsheet to keep track of what was in our pipeline,” Rogers said. This created a large extra volume of data entry for the Blue Reef sales reps.

The company’s approach to sales tracking and customer relationship management needed a total overhaul. “It was just really hosed,” Rogers admitted. After testing out Base with a free trial, Rogers knew he’d found the best option for Blue Reef. He found that Base offered the ease, power, and flexibility that Blue Reef needed. He transferred all of the company’s sales processes into Base on his own, without needing assistance from support or outside experts, in just three days. “That migration process from into Base was just beautiful, it was fantastic,” he said.

The change of CRM services revolutionized the sales team’s work and saved the company money.

“Today, we have spent less than $1,000 on Base and we have got a drastically better system,” Rogers said. “We’re actually using Base to manage the sales part of the business, and that’s just freaking awesome. I’m really happy about that.” There’s no comparison between life at Blue Reef before Base and after Base.

“I think that Salesforce is… It’s a tank,” he said. “Base is just a lot simpler, a lot easier, and it’s made our lives a lot better.”

Thanks to Base’s user-friendly approach, all of Blue Reef’s important sales intel is more likely to be entered correctly. In order to ensure their data is up-to-date, Blue Reef takes advantage of Base’s:

Blue Reef_Base Email

“I’m not double-handling my data,” he said. “Base is able to do what I need.” That information has also provided the company with more precise forecasts.

“We were making big, sweeping, drastic decisions based on data that wasn’t accurate,” he said of the company’s Salesforce days.

By centralizing their processes, Rogers said the reps are able to focus on selling and connecting with customers. “I don’t have to keep things in my head, I don’t have to keep things in a notepad or whatever”. Blue Reef uses sales forecasting tools in Base  to monitor their total sales, forecasted sales, sales by account, sales by owner, and sales funnel. “Base is everything.”

You can be the next Base success story. Try Base for free.

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