Create Multi-Select Custom Fields With Base


Importing data can be a drag. At Base, we try to make this experience as easy and flexible as possible. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest update to custom fields. Starting today, you can map imported data to multi-select custom fields.

Sometimes you may come across a contact or lead that falls into a gray area. For example, does your contact fall under the accounting industry, software industry, or both? Are they a retail business with multiple merchandise categories and seller types? We don’t live a singular life, and your sales platform should reflect that. With multi-select custom fields, you have the opportunity to create custom fields with a drop down picker that lets you select as many options as you want. To create such a custom field, head over to your Settings tab and select either leads or contacts in the Customize tab. From there, click on the second tab for Custom Fields and click “Add Custom Field.” Select “Multi-Select” in the field type dropdown then simply add your choices for each option.


You can even filter your leads, deals or contacts based on your multi-select options by simply selecting the “Filterable” checkbox in the custom fields setting. This allows you to filter reports based on your multi-select custom fields as well. Want to add a lead or contact on your phone using multi-select custom fields? You got it. Multi-select custom fields are also available on our iOS and Android apps.

New to custom fields? Check out our support page to learn more about getting started with customizing your Base experience.

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