Conversations with Sales Leaders at Closing Time Toronto

We’re on stop 8 of our 14 city “Closing Time” tour, where we’ve been gathering local sales leaders for a face-to-face discussion about how the customer buying experience is rapidly evolving, and how the sales profession is changing to keep up. 

Every city on our tour has been different. Last week in Toronto, we recorded a quick discussion with two of our guests, Toronto-based sales leaders two different Ontario-based IT service providers. 

Dilyar Askar is an account executive at Nucleus, a managed IT services provider with clients ranging from Slack to “Mr. Lube”, Canada’s fastest-growing quick lube brand.

For Dilyar, his main takeaway from the evening was the importance of “maintaining genuine rapport building skills, being transparent, and focusing on the social aspect of selling to build relationships.”

That was one of the key points of our guest speaker at Closing Time Toronto: Todd Caponi, the author of The Transparency Sale. Todd argues that “If you want to get someone interested in you and what you have to offer, the first step is to show them you are interested in them. To show them you are interested in them… you must actually be interested in them! Consider every interaction an opportunity to connect, develop rapport, and start the process of educating your prospects.”  

Todd also emphasizes the importance of simplicity: “If the buying journey looks easy and is easy, then trust is built. Keep away from horrifyingly complicated steps in your sales process. Keep it simple.” 

That focus on simplicity resonated with Tuan Ta, the COO of QUBYTE, an IT managed service provider focused on software engineering, cloud computing, infrastructure management, and on technology-enabled innovation. 

“Sometimes as salespeople, we are our own worst enemy,” he says. “We have to really simply things and focus on building that human connection.”

As an executive, Tuan doesn’t always think of himself as a salesperson but is absolutely focused on “keeping customer relationships and making sure my customers are happy. Tonight I learned how I could get more clients by being transparent. Instead of saying yes to everything, which is what we sometimes do in the IT industry, we can be transparent with our client and our potential clients” about what is and what isn’t possible. 

You can listen to our full conversation with Dilyar and Tuan below.  But if you are interested in having a conversation like this with sales leaders in your community, please join us at an upcoming Closing Time destinations, or join us online for an on-demand virtual Closing Time webinar, featuring Todd Caponi. Register here

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