Connect Sell with 1,000+ apps with the new Zapier integration

There’s no better time to be in sales, with products to handle every aspect of your day, but getting these products to work together can be tricky.

Zendesk Sell helps with many angles of the job from built-in communication (email, call & text) to pipeline management to reporting but a few areas, for example quotes or drip campaigns, may require other applications. Imagine connecting Zendesk Sell to other applications such as your accounting software so anytime a deal is won then a quote is automatically sent – this would automate a good portion of routine sales tasks and alleviate manual work so you can focus on actually selling.

We have these type of capabilities with out-of-the-box integrations like our Xero or Google Integrations, which allow you to directly connect Sell with other products in just a few clicks. However, businesses may adopt a diverse software stack with applications that we don’t offer an integration with. So what’s a feasible alternative?

Today we introduce major improvements to how Zendesk Sell can be integrated with your other apps, using Zapier. If you’re not familiar, Zapier is an automation tool that organizations have been using for years to connect different web applications, integrate custom workflows, and automate tedious tasks. The option to connect Sell with other apps through Zapier has been out there and available, for example, some customers who use Slack have used Zapier to automatically get a Slack message anytime a new deal is added to Sell, but the capabilities have been somewhat limited.

With an entirely new set of capabilities to create more complex workflows and a better framework for expanding the integration in the future, we’ve made Zapier a more viable integration option for Sell than ever before.

How it Works

You’ll define “triggers” and “actions” when connecting Sell with another application through Zapier to setup a workflow, which you can dive into deeper in our help guide. We’ve significantly expanded how many of these actions and triggers are available, so users can now create more sophisticated multi-step automations that weren’t possible until now.

Looking for some inspiration to get started? Try one of these popular automations.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team if a trigger or action you need isn’t available!

Where to start? Now enable Zapier under Integration Settings in Sell or from our Marketplace, so getting started with a new workflow is quick and easy. To uncover 1,000+ apps to integrate with Sell, access the Zendesk Sell page in Zapier.


Let us know the zaps you’re creating in the comments below!

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