Collecting Unqualified Reasons in Base

As part of our mission to help sales teams collect more data and gain deeper insight into performance, we’ve released the ability for admins to require unqualified lead and deal reasons.

How It’s Done

Previously in Base, the only way to capture reasons behind unqualified leads or deals was through custom fields. In addition, individual reps had the ability to permanently opt out of providing a reason when marking deals as lost. Unfortunately, this resulted in a lack of insight around unqualified leads and restricted the value of the Deal Loss Reasons report in Base.

To help solve this issue, we are now giving admins the power to decide whether or not reps should be prompted to provide a reason each time a lead or deal is marked as unqualified or lost. Once the admin designates that reps should receive these prompts, reps no longer have the ability to opt out.

Providing this information improves data quality and completeness, which in turn helps optimize lead sources and scoring, refine qualification criteria, identify coaching opportunities and much more.

To turn unqualified/lost reason prompts on or off, simply go to Settings in Base. From there, admins can decide whether or not to require an unqualified/lost reason, as well as define and manage the list of reasons that will be provided.

Editing Deals Smartlist

When this functionality is turned on, reps are able to quickly and easily provide reasons for lost/unqualified leads and deals by simply selecting a predefined option from a drop-down list. For more information around this release, visit our support page.

Learn More

Already a Base customer but want to learn more about this update? Contact your account manager. Interested in becoming a member of the Base family and using this and other awesome platform features? Go here to request a demo.

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Josh Bean

Josh Bean

March 11, 2013

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