Clip full contact details of prospects from LinkedIn with one click

If you’ve ever copied and pasted someone’s details from their LinkedIn profile into your CRM, prepare to be floored. You can get all those details into Base with one click. Pretty cool, right? It’s even better to see it for yourself:

LinkedIn Base Contact Clipper

When a new contact in LinkedIn comes along, you must clip it! Clip it good. To Base. With one click!

Base’s Contact Clipper extension for Chrome lets you copy all the contact details of a LinkedIn profile and put them in your Base CRM in one click. It’ll save you stacks of time and ease lots of frustration. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?

Do I sound a bit giddy about this whole concept? It’s because I am. It’s one of those value-added features you get with Base that will vastly improve your productivity. I know it because it’s done it for me, and I know it because every time I show Contact Clipper to a customer I see their eyes light up in disbelief.

We’ve written about the Contact Clipper before and thousands of our customers already use it to get LinkedIn and Facebook profile information into their Base CRM account. Base is growing so quickly, though, that our new customers wouldn’t have seen our previous blog post on this topic. The point is that Contact Clipper is there, it’s free, and it’s going to save you a ton of time. Time you can use for more important things like closing more deals.

Use the Contact Clipper to quickly pull Contacts and Leads to Base. Use it once and you’ll love it. No more copy and paste. Never. Again.

Click here to install the Base Contact Clipper and start clipping Contacts and Leads to Base today.

Don’t have Base yet? Start a free trial.

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