Powerful New Filters Keep Your Data Clean


Say no to incomplete data. Today, Base is introducing powerful new filters for smart lists that help you identify incomplete data. The new filter options for smart lists allow you to filter your data and only display leads, contacts or deals that are missing certain fields. Previously, it was impossible to find records with incomplete data in Base.

I’ve been playing with these filters internally for a few days now. Here are some of the ways I’ve used the new filters.

  • Leads without phone numbers
  • Contacts missing an address
  • Deals without an estimated close date

The opportunities are endless. Jump into your Base account now and start using the new filters.

How to filter for incomplete data in smart lists

1. Open any smart list
2. Click on the filter icon of the field you want to filter
3. Under ‘Display’ select the view you’re looking for


New Base Filters

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