Capture web form submissions as leads using 99Inbound

We’re happy to announce a new native Base integration with 99Inbound.
This new integration with 99Inbound makes it incredibly easy to build a form, deploy it to your website, and capture submissions directly in Base. While your legacy lead forms may send you emails each time a form is filled out on your website, this integration makes the lead automatically appear in Base so you can get straight to working the new opportunity. Let’s dive into the integration to see how it works.

How it Works

Start by building a form with 99Inbound’s online form builder or by connecting one of your existing forms to their service using their form API. Then link the form to your Base account. Whenever your form is submitted, a lead will be created directly in Base.

99Inbound also provides an autoresponder and real-time notifications so you can quickly jump on important leads right as they appear.

Use Cases

99Inbound is useful anytime you need to capture user information directly in Base, but here are some specific use cases.

Demo Request Forms

Provide an easy way for website visitors to request product demos and manage those requests directly in Base.

White Paper Distribution

Use white papers to provide useful information to sales prospects. Managing this manually is tedious, so use 99Inbound to track white paper requests directly in Base. The autoresponder can distribute the materials automatically.

Event Registration

Base is a great place to manage many types of information, including contacts who have registered for local events. Use 99Inbound to provide a simple registration flow without having to manage a separate events system.

Useful Features

  • Form builder – easy build and deploy a form to your website with no coding required.
  • Form endpoint API – Link an existing form to 99Inbound, no coding required.
  • Slack & email notifications – Get notified in real-time when a form is submitted.
  • Custom Redirect – Redirect visitors to a custom page once they have submitted your form.
  • Autoresponder – Send visitors an email after they submit your form, with or without an attachment.

Try it for free

If you’d like to streamline your web to lead process with 99Inbound, you can sign up for a free trial here.

99Inbound is also offering a special discount for Base users, enter coupon code BASEBUDDY for 15% off for 12 months. This coupon is valid until 12/31/2018.

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