Call me maybe? Because you can. Straight from Base.

Every now and then your favorite product gets a feature that totally blows your mind. Our shiny new Voice is one such release. Just listen to this customer’s reaction when he experienced it first hand. Yeah, it’s that good.

There are three main aspects to Voice, with even more to come in the future:

  • Calling – Make and receive calls straight from the web app.
  • Recording & logging – Keep a copy of any and all phone calls. No additional charge, regardless of how many calls you store.
  • Reporting – Powerful call analytics to optimize your processes and help you get more effective.

Try Voice in Base

Don’t have an account yet? Sign up for a 14-day free trial.


Let’s start with the basics – calling from Base. Whenever you click on a phone number in Base, you’ll see a few options, including Call via Browser. As soon as you click this, your call tools will show up at the bottom of the screen and Base will dial the phone number selected.


In addition to calling from Base, you can also call to Base. When you sign up for Voice you’ll be able to select your own phone number where you can accept incoming calls. After you claim the number, it becomes your phone number. For ever and ever. Well, at least for as long as you keep using Base. You can give it to customers so anytime someone calls this number, you’ll be notified in Base. If you’re not available, we’ll transfer the call to your office or mobile phone, depending on your preference.


So much automation, you can use the time you save on building your business

One of the chief complaints we hear from users of other CRMs is how painful and annoying it is to have to manually log every call you make. It takes longer to write down your notes and add the call to the record than it does to actually make the phone call. Talk about a waste of time!

As with every feature we bring to our customers, Base makes things smart, intuitive and automated. That’s why we log each outgoing and incoming call automatically. You’ll never forget to do it because Base CRM will remember and do it for you.

While you’re on the call, you can look at calling scripts you or your manager created beforehand, and take notes on the same screen while you’re on the call. As soon as you hang up the call, your scratch pad notes are automatically transferred to your call summary so you can edit them or save them quickly.


On top of everything else, you have the option to record calls so if you want to double check something or jot your memory before the next call, it’s as easy as hitting play. This is also a great feature for managers who can keep track of rep performance by listening to recorded calls. There are no storage limits for calls.



Speaking of keeping track of rep performance, Base Voice Reports are going to be a game changer in how you think about phone calls. As a manager, you’ll have access to all the call logs as well as powerful reports that can show you correlation for things like call length vs success rate. Also, there’s a variety of reports on individual reps so you can always stay on top of how your team is performing.


More Voice awesomeness coming soon

We always want to get new features out as soon as they’re ready, which is why we released Voice on the web app as soon as we could. We’re putting the final touches on Voice for the native Base CRM Android and iOS apps. Follow us on Twitter for updates when the mobile versions are released.

How to get Voice

If you’re already a Base customer – Voice features are now enabled in your Base CRM account so just log in to give them a try. Know you’ll love it already? (You will!) Upgrade your account to Enterprise today and get unlimited usage of calling in your account (call costs are not included).

If you’re new to Basestart a free 14 day free trial and check out Voice for yourself. You can trial calling from Voice on any of our products (Starter, Professional, Enterprise), but if you want to continue to use Voice, you’ll have to sign up for the Enterprise plan.

Free Voice Webinar

Want to see Voice in action? Join us for a free webinar on April 16.

Eventbrite - Base Voice Webinar

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