Base Voice now available for Android


You’ve seen how powerful Voice can be on the web version of Base. Now imagine if you could take that with you, everywhere you go. We’re pleased to introduce Base Voice for Android. You can now make calls using your Base phone number, record calls and access call scripts – all from your Android phone. The #1 CRM app for Android just got even better.

The power of Base Voice everywhere you go

With Voice enabled, you’ll have the option to call contacts with your regular phone number or make the call through the native Android Base CRM mobile app. When you call through Base, you’ll also have access to call scripts and control whether the call is recorded. You can browse deals and contacts that are relevant to the call, all while your phone call is running in the background on speaker.

Track outcomes and listen to calls

After the call is complete, add a call outcome, enter additional notes, or listen to the recording to see if there was anything you missed – no need to to log on to the web app. Base Voice is a must have mobile crm sales tool for anyone who wants to seamlessly track their sales, but hates being confined to their office.


Want try it for yourself? Base Voice is exclusively available as part of the Enterprise package.

If you’re an iPhone user, there’s an iOS version of Base Voice coming soon. Stay tuned to our blog for the announcement.

Try Base Voice Now

Try Voice free for 14 days.

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