20M Companies To Sell To, In Your CRM: Introducing Reach

**Editor’s Note: Base was acquired by Zendesk in September and has rebranded to Zendesk Sell. All the features still exist we’re just sporting an updated look**

Are you wasting time finding prospects and importing them into your CRM? Are you struggling to segment your reporting and identify where there’s sales opportunity?

If you’ve had the pleasure of building or purchasing lists from lead providers, and then struggled to import the list correctly, you’re not alone. We’ve observed list imports as one of the leading causes for dirty data in Base. Additionally, leads and contacts making their way into Base often don’t have important data for report segmentation like industry, sub-industry or even location! The spotty data restricts leadership’s ability to make smart investment decisions in marketing.

Today’s sales process is becoming a race to the decision maker, and the tools available to reps haven’t caught up to meet these needs. We live in an age where every device in our house is connected, but database providers and CRMs operate as completely separate systems…until now.

Introducing Reach, an easy and powerful new way to quickly identify, import and enrich Leads and Contacts in Base. In this post we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about our latest release.

Reach Prospector

Reach Prospector allows you to build lists directly within Base using up to 12 filters. It’s estimated that sales reps only spend 33% of their time actually selling, with the rest of their day comprised of looking for prospects on Linkedin or other external databases, creating sales materials, strategizing, and more. With Reach, simply specify the companies you want to sell to, then define the roles of the people at those companies you want to engage with. You’ll be presented with a list of prospects matching your criteria, that has also been deduplicated against your Base account. With a single click, all the prospects will be added into your Base account as leads. Everything is automatically brought into Base, so you don’t need to format CSV files or map data fields. It’s that easy!

Find Decision Makers By Account

According to CEB, there’s 5.4 decision makers involved in a software purchase. And on top of that, Forrester reports that you’re 5x more likely to win a deal when you reach the decision maker before your competition. As a result, sales processes are turning into a mad dash to identify and contact the decision makers at a company as quickly as possible. To give you a leg up on the competition, Reach makes it incredibly easy to find and add additional contacts at a company. From a Company card, simply click on “+” in the employees card to see the top contacts at that company. Click on the decision makers you’d like to add, or search for someone specific. Each person will have a rich contact card with all their contact details.

Reach Enrich

With Enrich, Base accounts are transformed into rich data sources transforming a single url or email address into a complete contact record. There’s some who say having a CRM with complete industry, location, role and employee counts only exists in dreams. While it seems like a difficult feat to achieve, A CRM account with complete industry, location, role and employee counts unlocks incredible growth opportunities like scoring, report segmentation and sales productivity.

When you have Reach enabled, any time an email address is entered as a new lead or contact, you’ll see additional information on the right hand side of your screen. Hit Enrich and the card will be automatically filled with their information including critical information for building segmented reports that help you identify new growth opportunities.

Data You Can Count On

Purchasing a database or list for prospecting may sound easy, but anyone who has gone through the process will tell you it’s a journey filled with surprises and headache.

With most traditional list vendors, pricing is not transparent. There’s fees for additional records, seat licenses, custom database segments, connectors, etc. And worst of all, there’s limited visibility into how pricing is generated. You’re given a price, and have no idea if you’re getting a good deal or not. How are you supposed to make sense of any of it?

Additionally, static list purchases become outdated the day you purchase them. Professionals are constantly changing companies and your database should be dynamic to reflect this.

With Reach, you’ll find clear and transparent packages which we outline below. Additionally, the records that you access from Base are always up-to-date thanks to our partnership with Clearbit. If you’re not familiar with Clearbit, they’re one of the fastest growing sales intelligence vendors on the market. They combine over 250 public and private data sources and sort through millions of data points, to provide business intelligence from a variety of sources: social presence, company websites, legal filings, crowdsourcing, and many more.

Internally, we’ve been using reach for the past few weeks and it has completely transformed the way we work. Reach is seamlessly integrated into the prospecting experience in Base and can be activated with a month-to-month commitment. To enable Reach, head over to settings in Base and add it under Plans and Pricing or click or Request Access here. Or visit our support site to see an in-depth article on how everything works. We can’t wait for you to give it a try and we’re excited to hear what you think!

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