Base Product Update – Company Hierarchy

We are excited to announce that today we added account hierarchies to Base! With the addition of account hierarchies, teams are now better able to organize their territories and reflect relationships between companies such as designated regions, subsidiaries or even different departments within an organization. This capability is especially important for large sales organizations or companies who may be selling into a high volume of related companies such as different branches of a retail store.

With account hierarchy in Base, reps and managers can now quickly see a birds-eye view of each company, the performance for that specific company and performance for a group of related accounts as a whole.

Account hierarchies will be enabled for all Base customers starting today and will include the following components:

Parent / Child Company Definition
This is the foundation company hierarchy that allows you to define parent and child relationships for each company in Base. You will be able to view existing relationships and also edit and add additional relationships directly from the company card in Base.

Account Hierarchies on Mobile and in Smart Lists
Starting today, account hierarchies will be available for all mobile users to ensure you’re never without complete account context and can always keep your territory organized. We’ve also added Parent Company to the Smart List view.

Company Hierarchy Visualization (Professional and Enterprise Plans Only)
In addition to viewing parent/child relationships on a company card, customers with Professional and Enterprise plans will have access to a full hierarchy visualization. This view includes all companies associated to a given hierarchy along with key information including;
– Company owner
– Revenue and count of won and lost deals for each company for a given time period
– All currently active deals for each company

Aggregate View (Professional and Enterprise Plans Only)
By default, the company hierarchy visualization shows deal and revenue values for each individual account. However, you may want to know the total count and/or value of deals for a given region or group of subsidiaries.

Switching to the “aggregate view” within the company hierarchy page will automatically display the total revenue and deal count for a specific company plus the revenue and deal count for all of its child companies.

Ready to get started?
Add a parent or child company to an existing company in Base from the company card or reach out to your Base customer success manager to coordinate a mass update of parent/child relationships.

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