Base Mobile Reports

Earlier this week we discussed how important the Sales Funnel Report is to your sales. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take that report with you everywhere you go? Starting today, reports will be available on the Android and iOS apps. In addition to the Sales Funnel report, you can also view Total Sales, Forecasted Sales, Sales by Account and Sales by Owner. Update to the latest version of Base to receive the brand new reports. Android users, click here to update – iOS users, click here to update.


In addition to sales reporting, iPhone users will also notice a brand new call logging feature. From now on, when you make an outgoing phone call from Base, you will be prompted to log the call the next time you open the app. You’ll be asked whether you want to add a deal, add a task, add a note, simply log the call or ignore the call in Base. We also threw in a special update for those who have been lucky enough to get their hands on an iPhone 5. Base now offers fullscreen support on the newest iPhone, enjoy.

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