Base levereges big data for the new Time Capsule exporter

big data time capsule

Today we’re releasing Time Capsule, the first of many Big Data sales tools that aims to make the lives of sales reps and sales leaders better. Time Capsule is a historical exporter that allows you to export snapshots of your Base account from any point in time. While the technology running in the background is cutting edge, we’ve worked hard to ensure the experience is simple and straightforward.

In traditional legacy CRMs, once a field is updated, the previous contents are deleted and forgotten. There are ways to track the history of certain fields, but at a whole account level, this is a challenge. Larger data driven companies have turned to in-house solutions that pull continuous snapshots, and it works, but it’s not easy and certainly not available to the businesses who need it the most. And dare we say you need to call IT. The new Base Time Capsule gives you the big data export capabilities that some of the largest companies in the world rely on, with just the click of a button.

To use the new Base Time Capsule, jump into the Settings and select Export. Enterprise users will now see the Time Capsule export option. Just select the date you want to look back at, and hit export. That’s all there is to it! Your sales pipeline doesn’t have to be a black box where leads go in and revenue comes out. Own your sales pipeline!

We hope you enjoy the first of several new features from the Base Big Data team. Check back next week for another exciting announcement.

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