Afraid of mice? Keyboard shortcuts come to Base

base keyboard shortcuts

Often times when I meet with productivity obsessed sales reps who use Base, I hear “it takes 3 clicks to do this, or 2 clicks to do that.” It’s about time we change that to 0 clicks. Today we’re releasing keyboard shortcuts so you can work your way through Base without ever touching your mouse.

keyboard shortcut

You can access the new keyboard shortcuts by hitting shift?. This will pull up all the shortcuts available. When you want to use a keyboard shortcut in Base, simply hit the letters associated to the shortcut you want to use – that’s it!

To give you a sense of what’s now possible, here’s a few examples. Hit cp to create a new ‘person’ contact, or try gr to go to reports. These new shortcuts give you the ability to jump to any area of Base by hitting two keys. Keyboard shortcuts are live in all accounts. Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!

P.S. Next time you’re on the dashboard, try hitting every sales rep’s favorite three letters to see what happens. Hint: Always Be Closing.

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