Base Introduces Accounts To Help You Stay Connected To Current Clients

Since the initial release of Accounts, we’ve made some updates. See the latest Accounts news here.


Today, we’re excited to kick off Accounts in Base, a function that will serve as a key building block for more experiences that help you manage customers after you’ve closed the deal. As we continue to develop Accounts over the next year, you’ll benefit from an additional layer of features that will help you build and nurture your key customer relationships.

For our current customers, when you log into Base, you will notice that you now have the ability to manually designate Contacts or Companies as an Account. Base will also automatically mark a Contact or Company as an Account if they are attached to a Deal.

Think of an Account as a flag you can give to Contacts or Companies and as a result, they have an additional layer of features that help you maintain the relationship.

For example, there is a set of activities specific only to long-term partners, like billing.  There is no reason to invoice every Contact in Base, only those which user has deals with. Our customers need an entity that would enable managing communication with long-term partners, hence the creation of Accounts.

Here are some key areas you can explore with Accounts:

How much is a Company worth?

When a Contact or Company is designated as an Account, you will see an Account status box on the Contact or Company card. This will deliver a quick overview of how valuable that account is to your business. In the example below, you can see for the Contact Adam Brooks, I have closed $2.5k in business and there is $3k in potential Deal revenue.

Accounts detail image

Account Specific Custom Fields

Once an Account is created, there might be custom data that you want to track and store for the future. You can create custom fields that will only show up once that Contact or Company has been marked as an account. This could be a billing address, product id, or anything else you want to track with your customers.

Viewing your Accounts

Any Contact or Company that has been flagged as an account will be marked with the account icon on the deals list. There is also a new Accounts View on the Contacts page that only displays Accounts.

Marked accounts in Base


In the first version, we’re starting off small, but as Accounts continue to grow over the next year, they will give you the extra layer of features you need to manage your relationships. Stay tuned for more updates on Accounts by subscribing to the blog.

If you haven’t tried Base yet, you can sign up for your free trial here.

Let us know how you’ll be using Accounts in the comments section.

Since the initial release of Accounts, we’ve made some updates. See the latest Accounts news here.


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