Base Integrates With Smart Guestbook Weckey


Base now integrates with Weckey, the smart guestbook that helps businesses automate the visitor management and sign-in process. With Weckey, visitors sign-in when they arrive at the business using an iPad. The guest’s sign-in information will not only be stored in the business’ Visitor History section in Weckey, but the guest will be entered as a contact in Base. Once the guest has been entered as a contact, the time and date of visit, the reason for visit and person the visit was with will be added into the notes for that particular contact in Base. Existing Base contacts will be updated with the visit information. This integration helps capture interactions that were previously unidentifiable and will add a whole new dimension to your relationship management.

Learn more about Weckey and automated your visitor sign-in process here, then connect your Base account and capture all your interactions with visitors.


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