Introducing Base’s HubSpot Integration

Today we’re introducing our brand new HubSpot integration for all enterprise users to tighten the bond between marketing and sales. Marketing and sales have a love-hate relationship – it’s a common assumption that holds true for many teams. However, the most successful companies will emphasize that in order to build a powerful sales machine, you need alignment between your marketing and sales teams. Base is taking steps to change this relationship into one that is mutually beneficial. Our new HubSpot integration creates a seamless flow of information between sales and marketing. The integration allows reps to see deep details on marketing activities within Base and allows managers to understand which marketing sources are producing sales success.

If you’re not familiar with HubSpot, it’s a centralized marketing hub that helps inbound marketing teams attract prospects and convert leads. Basically, it lets your marketing team nurture leads through email engagement, blogs, etc., so that they’re in an optimal place once they meet a BDR. So what does Base’s latest integration entail and how can it benefit your business?

Getting Started

Integrating with HubSpot is as simple as any other integration in Base. All you have to do is head over to the Base Settings and select “HubSpot” under the Integrations tab. Once you’ve chosen to “enable” the integration, you’ll be asked for your HubID and to select a HubSpot list you’d like to sync with Base. It’s best to create one HubSpot list with all of your MQLs (marketing qualified leads). Once that’s out of the way we’ll begin syncing all of your data based on your specifications. We’ve also put together this FAQ to answer some of your more technical questions.


Full Two-Way Sync

HubSpot integration bridges the gap between your sales and marketing teams. This integration’s two-way sync ensures that both platforms maintain complete data consistency. Once you’ve created your MQL list in HubSpot, all contacts meeting your criteria will be synchronized with Base. But that’s not all. Base will display three additional fields that will help your sales team prioritize which leads to work on: HubSpot Engagement Score, HubSpot Lifecycle Stage, and HubSpot Public Profile Link. These fields, in conjunction with any of the other data points your team decides to sync, empower your sales representatives by enabling them to initiate bespoke talk-paths tailored to the specific channels leads are sourced from.


Marketing Events In Activity Feeds

In addition to direct links to a lead or contact’s HubSpot profile, the integration adds HubSpot marketing events to the Base activity feed. When a sales rep looks at a lead or contact activity feed, they will see every HubSpot interaction that an MQL has had with marketing content. This gives reps the contextual edge they need to build customized sales pitches that will get them closer to wins.

Up-To-Date Statuses

A lead’s status is bound to change. At any time a lead could take a turn for the worst, at which time it’s a good idea to enroll the prospect in a HubSpot nurture campaign. With the new integration, Base lead statuses will sync back to HubSpot, automatically giving you all the details you need to create any HubSpot workflow that’s necessary to get the lead reengaged with your product or service.


Measure Your Efforts

Marketing details in activity feeds and automatic sync are fantastic for a rep, but if I’m a sales manager I want to be able to get all of the information I need in a quick glance. Are most of the deals in the pipeline coming from eBooks or white papers? Base gives you the tools to find these answers and more. Reports like the all-important Funnel Report can now be filtered by “Deal Source” so you can directly correlate each marketing source to a lead. You’ll gain new perspective into what your marketing team is achieving, where you need to improve, and which content initiatives are yielding the most opportunities.

Marketing and sales are two sides of the same coin. As much as they may clash, they’re successes and failures are intertwined. With Base’s latest HubSpot integration, we’re taking strides to improve the communication between those who are bringing in your leads, and those who are turning them into customers. To get started, you’ll need to be using our Enterprise edition. If you’re already an Enterprise customer, get your account connected now by clicking here and selecting HubSpot.

Interested in learning more about HubSpot? Take a look at the HubSpot Academy. The more you know about Hubspot, the more you can benefit from Base’s latest marketing automation integration.

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