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Headquartered in San Francisco and Shanghai, Wiredcraft is a digital agency that builds software for the web. Supporting clients like World Bank and the United Nations, their work takes them from San Francisco, to Shanghai, to South Sudan and back. Alexander Hancock, Chief Client Officer at Wiredcraft, said, “Before Base, sales opportunities were built on personal relationships and hidden in individual email accounts. We wanted to consolidate and make our sales pipeline and process transparent.”

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“We did not have a coherent way of tracking opportunities and sales,” said Hancock. As they grew, the company knew it was time to search for a CRM and sales productivity solution. “We wanted a simple, beautiful solution that had a strong mobile component. We looked at Salesforce and Sugar CRM. Neither option was as intuitive as Base. They were both clunky and required too much out-of-the-box customization,” explained Hancock.

Alex Hancock, Wiredcraft


“Base works beautifully. It’s simple. And does what we need it to do.”
—Alex Hancock, Chief Client Officer, Wiredcraft


Since implementing Base in August of 2013, Hancock says Wiredcraft has been able to systemize their sales process and build successful sales forecasts. “We have a much clearer idea of where we are with revenue and where we will be with future revenue. We have increased our revenue, largely due to the sales productivity increases Base has fostered.”


“The reporting tools in Base are awesome. They’re a pleasure to look at and insightful. Managing the sales opportunities pipeline is super easy.”

Wiredcraft has experienced 100% user adoption of those involved in sales due do Base’s intuitive and uncluttered user interface. The company is thinking about adding more users soon. When asked if he would recommend Base, Hancock responded, “We would definitely recommend Base. In fact we Tweet about you guys constantly!”

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