How To Use Your CRM To Score Your Kids The Best Halloween Candy

To score your kid (or yourself) the best Halloween candy, look no further than your smart phone.

Trick or treating isn’t what it used to be when I was a kid. My parents walked us around our neighborhood and we were thankful for all the candy (half-wrapped Toosie Roll’s included) we received. These days, epitomized by lavish children’s birthday parties, parents get aggressive. It’s not uncommon for a family to seek out the best neighborhoods hoping to snatch the most expensive candy and visit the most elaborate haunted houses.

So I suppose it’s not too far fetched to use technology to optimize your candy route. Verizon had the same idea with their October 2013 commercial.

If you’re looking to score your kid (or yourself) the best Halloween candy this year, look no further than your smart phone. But wait, how can your phone lead you to the best candy?

If you’re a Base customer, you already have the capability. If you’re not, pop on over to your app store and download Base CRM to set yourself up for Halloween heroism for years to come. Other CRM’s may be able to do this too, but I’m using Base as an example.

Here’s how the CRM Halloween candy hack works

If the word on the street is that the blue house 3 blocks away is handing out full size Snickers bars, add it to your CRM. Here’s how:

  • Add the  house as a “Company” to your Base CRM. Name it something like “3519 N. Wilton”.
  • Add in the address, a brief description (Full size snickers bars!), and a Tag (Snickers).
  • Now, you can then visualize that house (Company) on a map, and get one-touch directions. Imagine how cool this is once you start logging more data.
  • You can even filter by candy type! You’re a Reese’s fiend? Log the houses that hand out Reese’s cups. If Mrs. Jones, 3 doors down, is handing out vegan cookies, log that in your CRM too so you remember to skip it next year.

Now lets be clear. Geolocation, a free feature within Base, was designed as a territory management feature for sales pros, but we all like a good hack now and again – especially if it’s going to get us better candy.

CRM Halloween

Save the candy data you bank this year to design the optimal candy route in years to come. You’ll be the envy of all the neighbors; but maybe you’ll be nice enough to share your expertise.

While this post is meant to be a bit tongue and cheek and I realize its impracticality in most situations, I could see some Silicon Valley parents getting pretty savvy with it.

If you use this Halloween hack, or have another one you’ve used, let us know in the comments section below!

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