We’ve redefined CRM for the Enterprise. Introducing Base Teams.

We’ve taken a giant leap forward to set a new industry standard for accessing your CRM data. The days of complex rules and ill-defined roles are a thing of the past – we’ve replaced them with an easy, visual and powerful user hierarchies and permissions experience.

Introducing — Base Teams:

  • New standard in implementation – we’ve made setup ridiculously easy to save you time
  • Teams – organize your team how you want to – teams, groups, you name it – with multi-level hierarchies
  • User-level permissions – control who sees what quickly, easily and visually
  • Advanced reporting – filter all your reports based on the user levels you set

So what’s the big deal with Teams?

Everything is visual. If you have 3-4 users in your company, you’ll already like the fact that you can see everyone’s level of access on one screen. Now, imagine if you had 100 users. Or 1000. Until now, you’d get a CSV export of user access data at best. With the visual interface in Base you can zoom in and out to visually dissect every corner of your permission tree.

It’s beautiful. As with all things Base, we want you to want to use it. It should be a positive, visually pleasing experience just as you get when you use the “fun” apps on your phone, tablet or computer.

It’s easy. If you can use an iPhone, you can set up permissions for your org. Or just try it yourself. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

It’s powerful. You now have a whole new level of experiencing reports. You can look at data broadly or drill down to teams or even individual users.

Base CRM permissions

Time is money – get started with the quick and easy setup

Base is built with one goal in mind – minimizing effort and maximizing value for our customers.

As your organization grows, its important to get your teams set up and ready for action as quickly as possible so they can get to the things that matter – boosting your sales performance. Implementing permissions in a CRM used to mean days of planning and defining roles for each individual user. With Base it takes just a few hours to set up an entire organization.

You start by building out a visual tree, which, for most people, usually mirrors your organizational structure. It’s literally point-and-click. Once you see your tree, you can click on users or groups of users and decide whether they see only their own information, information of people in their team or more – it’s really up to you. The point is, all you have to do is make the decision, click and make the change. There’s no convoluted process for set up or for changes.

The end result is lots of value with very little time spent invested in it.

Transparency + control = IT can take a break

Visualizing your organization in a multi-level, graphic format offers such a high degree of transparency that you’ll never have to sit down with your IT department to explain where your data flows ever again. (Unless you want to – your IT Admin’s a really nice guy, I hear. He has better things to do, though.)

Sometimes you simply need to restrict data for specific users teams. Sometimes staff need access to contacts, but not the sales pipeline. Others need to input leads, but stay away from recurring accounts. Base Teams gives you absolute control over the areas of your account that matter most – leads, contacts and deals – for every user or any team you define.  The clear options for each category will help you segment areas of your account, so everyone can focus on the data that they should or need to see.

Base CRM visibility options

Reports sliced and diced just the way you want them

Base Teams gives you beautiful, detailed reports on your organization’s performance by every area of your hierarchy – upstream, downstream and peers, filtered any way you want, available when you want it.  Need to check up on the outside sales team’s forecast for North America this quarter? No problem. It’s just a few clicks away.

Base CRM enterprise reports

All the other great stuff about Base Teams

  • Visualize your organization – the elegant and intuitive design will help you track and define your organization’s structure as it grows.
  • Effortless changes to the hierarchy – move individuals between teams without affecting their existing permissions.
  • See who’s on top of their game – easily check who has confirmed their account.

See it in action

We’ve improved access rights across all plans, but to fully appreciate the Teams experience you should sign up (or upgrade to) the Enterprise plan. Don’t have the Enterprise plan yet? Check out the 14-day risk free trial. Once you play around with Teams, you’ll be hooked. Promise.

If you’re already a customer and you want more detailed info, check out the detailed support articles. Or just head on over to Base and give it a go.

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